Urban Analytics @ UNIPV

Welcome to the site in which it is planned to document the Urban Analytics activities at the University of Pavia. The site is at the very beginning of its development and is currently used only as a shortcut to some significant examples which can be already navigated and queried through the web.

Public Health
Urban Planning
 Mobility  Socio-economics  Environment

Data sources
For Public Health, the diabetes prevalence map is shown (source: Local Health Care Agency, ASL ) for the Province of Pavia.
For Urban Planning, the BAF (Biotope Area Factor) map is displayed for some test areas at Pavia (source: the digital map of the Municipality of Pavia plus data analysis performed at the Geomatics Laboratory of the University of Pavia).
For Demography, the mean age map is considered for the Province of Pavia (source: Italian National Institute of Statistics, ISTAT).